Driver Awareness Program

This program is a driver training workshop facilitated at your premises.
The program length is just 3 hours per session.

Driver education doesn’t need to be onerous; we have designed our Steer Safely™ Driver Awareness workshop to help you achieve your safety goals.

This streamline approach allows you to reach more staff at a lower cost per person.

  • Up to (25 staff) per workshop
  • Zoom video training available and in use
  • WHS compliance training including your safe driving policy
  • Our cost-saving shield strategy will lower your costs as a result of our proven educational methods, for instance.

What Will You Learn?

These strategies have been shown to reduce incidents and help your staff make safer choices when driving. Using our exclusive formula for safe driving, presented in a positive format. Educated attendees achieve greater information retention with adult learning practices implemented to achieve greater results.

Program Content

Workshops are tailored to your needs and highlight your specific messages, for example: 

  • The risks of drugs, alcohol, stress or fatigue
  • Vehicle use policy
  • Driver competency levels
  • Safe vehicle loading and loose objects (projectiles)
  • Vehicle maintenance, tyre’s, suspension, leaks, trip planning
  • Risk-taking behaviour, like, speeding, running red lights, breaking road rules
  • Consequences of poor choices (the reality)
  • Awareness Strategies
  • Vision, where to look to reduce risk & incidents
  • Managing other road users, including, trucks, cyclists, pedestrians

One on one in vehicle coaching can also be included with this program to gain on-road driving feedback and tuition.