Towing Program

Knowing how to tow is rarely taught properly, our program aims to take the mythology out of the process for you.

We get lessons on driving from a young age, but rarely do we ever get shown the proper safe way to tow.

This is the main reason that we see so many crashes involving towing. Despite the driver’s best intentions, there are many common reasons that these crashes occur, and they are completely avoidable.

Allow our team to help you understand the towing process, your obligations as a driver, the equipment you are using and the biggest one, how to reverse park a trailer or caravan


What Will You Learn?

About the Program

What you will need to participate in this program:

  • A tow vehicle & trailer/van (preferable what you normally tow)
  • A current & valid driver’s licence
  • The will to learn

Program duration is maximum 8 hours, with a combination of theory and practical hands on training. So, wear comfortable weather appropriate outdoor wear.

Vehicles can be shared between two or three people; lunch is not provided, and there is no high-speed swerving or stopping, so there is nothing to fear.

Anyone that tows for any reason should complete this course, be it for work purposes or for recreation. 

Towing Boat

Reduce your likelihood of a serious incident or damage with this program.

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